COVID-19 Impact on the Louisiana Community

The current unprecedented time of the coronavirus pandemic is creating questions and concerns for businesses and individuals across our New Orleans area and statewide as Louisiana is hit hard by this crisis. 

If you are among the majority of people in our community with concerns surrounding the crisis and how it is impacting you and your family, our COVID-19 special segment of John Redmann: Power of Attorney is for you.

Quickly Evolving Crisis in Louisiana and Across the Globe

This is a scary time as things are moving so fast from the initial virus detection in Wuhan, China in December to all of our Louisiana schools closing in mid-March as well as the current shelter-in-place order across Louisiana — like most other states throughout the country. The purpose of our COVID-19 special program is to address some of the questions that many of you have, including the following:

  • What happens next?
  • What happens if I get sick?
  • How can I get financial help?
  • How can I help my friends and loved ones?
  • What is going to happen to my job or business?
  • What if my illness or a loved one’s death is related to negligent transmission of the infection?

Professional Speakers and Resources on John Redmann: Power of Attorney

Our program addresses these concerns by discussing relevant topics with professionals in each of the following respective areas:

  • Workers’ Compensation Attorney – To discuss your rights regarding employment matters related to this pandemic.
  • CPA – To help us understand what kind of financial benefits the government is offering individuals and businesses through the CARES Act and other programs.
  • Banktruptcy Attorney – To discuss bankruptcy and other debt relief options that may be available or worth considering. 

We are taking advantage of the technological resources of virtual conferencing to stay connected with you while maintaining safety for all by discussing with you from home.  

Together as a Louisiana Community 


We hope that you find the COVID-19 program and resources that we have available to you helpful during this challenging time. For more information and additional resources on COVID-19, you can also visit Redmann Law, as we are continuously updating the resources page with the latest information as it becomes available.

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